Benefits of Fleece

Why sheepskins are good for your health

Sheepskins have many natural health benefits - providing support for pressure points and achy limbs, regulating your body temperature to improve circulation plus being kind to skin and bacteria repellant. Recent research shows sheepskins can even help promote more restful sleep.


The start of new year often means having a renewed focus on our health and doing positive things for our wellbeing. But forget detox diets and jogging in January - using sheepskins can give you lots of health benefits too. Read on to find out why:

Sheepskins are supportive to relieve aches and pains

Sheepskins have naturally crimped fibres that form a cushioning support for your body. Scientists believe this is because each wool hair, or fibre, contains a three-dimensional spiralling crimp that acts like a miniature spring.

By absorbing pressure without flattening out and distributing weight evenly over the body, sheepskins take pressure off limbs to help relieve aches and pains.

Sheepskins regulate your body temperature

The natural temperature regulating properties in wool helps to reduce heat when it’s too hot, and increase heat when it’s too cold, so you stay at the right temperature.

In adults, keeping at the right temperature when sitting or lying down on a sheepskin can help promote better blood circulation.

This quality is also very useful for newborn babies - especially those who are premature or have low birth weight - as they cannot yet regulate their own 

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